Codes du luxe et Business Etiquette

Whether for an  individual or group coaching, seminar or conference, or training,  we work for you to acquire good reflexes.

♦ luxury codes and Protocol:

  • Customer Relationship Excellence
  • Attitude and knowledge of teams
  • Grooming and dress codes of the teams
  • Team motivation with the creative management
  • The Art of French living (etiquette, good manners, tableware…)
  • Manage excellence with morphopsychology
  • Optimize PAP sales with key board image

♦ Business Etiquette:

  • The Art of the Business Lunch
  • Conduct a meeting/speaking in public
  • Dress codes (men/women)
  • Prepare for interviews (hiring, evaluation, negotiation…)
  • The art of correspondence


  • Greet Chinese customers
  • Greet Japanese customers
  • Greet Russian customers
  • Greet customers from the Middle East
  • Greet US customers etc.