Stylistic consultation

It is impossible to achieve high goals without working the image as much as the rest. Your image is a key factor of your success and greatly works to fulfill your desires/personal or professional projects. In opposition, if your image is not professionally worked by an expert is unlikely to serve you right…

Pépite de Style offers 2 stylistic consultation services:

♦ Coaching services

May you be:

  • a private person,
  • a professional with high responsabilities,
  • an individual with an increased visibilité (speaker, public person, artist,…),
  • or a luxury company with a heart to have managers and employees fully representing your image excellence,

We advise and accompany you to exploit the full potential of your image. We are working on:

  1. perfect visual coherence: between your image and your identity (character for individuals – DNA for companies), everything being in coherence with your objectives.
  2. enhancing your qualities.

Following your wishes, Pépite de Style considers and boosts the whole image or only some from the following:

  • Colorimetric analysis
  • Morpho-face analysis, valuation and guidance set beauty: makeup, hair, accessories.
  • Hairdressing and other beauty experts accompaniment.
  • Morpho-figure analysis, valuation advice: cut/materials/colors, visual fitting clothing and accessories.
  • Defining your fashion style: work on the stylistic identity consistent with your personality, advice accessories/trends/arranged brands.
  • Coaching Postural/Pace and Elegance behavior: non-verbal language, body language, approach, attitude, life skills.
  • Oral Presentation: voice, speech, tone, rhythm, style, word choice… Consistency speech/visual.
  • Preparation and support event: complete coaching for an image in perfect harmony with your action or representation on the occasion of an important event.

♦ Private stylism coaching

→ Dressing check-up: we help you to sort, identify the items to keep (those fitting you well), to find reliable resale and quick solutions for your luxury items, to organize your wardrobe to simplify your life, to identify gaps in your wardrobe.

→ Dressing planner: this service aims to prepare in advance the most elegant and stylish looks for your coming week or for special events. The looks are imagined from clothes and accessories you already own. You will not have to think before your wardrobe, the clothes are all made in advance. Simply draw, depending on your mood and your time in the lookbook directed by your private stylist.

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